Continuous testing is a key factor for the large-scale businesses

Selenium is the best automation tool which supports the continuous integration testing. The software industry is using the continuous delivery and agile practices for many projects as the business is changing its requirements frequently. Selenium Training in Chennai provides training in the web driver, IDE, grid, and continuous integration testing. Continuous delivery and continuous testing are inter-related terms. Testsigma, Selenium, IBM rational functional tester, tricentis tosca, and UFT are some of the testing tools which aids for the continuous testing. The selection tool is important to maintain the quality, speed and minimize the cost. The usage of the wrong tool influences the cost and the quality of the testing process. This article clearly explains the Continuous testing is a key factor for the large-scale businesses.

The difference between continuous testing and automation testing

Continuous testing is the process which helps for the continuous delivery and the risk associated with the software. Automation testing help to produce the data points to check the client requirement, user stories, and the application requirement.

The single business transaction is used for complex and distributed environment. Cloud technology, APIs and micro-services demand for creating the virtually endless combinations.  If the application is a failure then it is considered a business failure. Selenium Training is the best training to get into the automation industry. So, it is important to check the user experience and the application-related risks to promote the business. There are three key differences between the continuous testing and the automation testing they are Risk, volume and time. We move into the deep conceptual analysis of these factors.

Risk factor

If the test case is not built with the analysis of business risk then it won’t provide the full details needed to know the user stories. Selenium Course in Chennai help the students to get a job in big companies like Fit bit, Hubspot, MIT, yammer, growthhackers, edify, droplr, experia, landrover, BBC, and sky. As user experience is important to promote the business continuous testing is important.


The recent changes in the application and the user experience are traced with the help of the unit test or UI test. Best Selenium Training in Chennai provides practical oriented training which helps in clearing the technical round in the interview. The failure of application not only has an impact on the user experience but also affects the brand name. So, continuous testing is inevitable in the large-scale businesses.


The software projects are comparatively increasing in the companies and the speed plays a vital role in organizations to ship the software. The agile and DevOps process is adopted by many organizations to increase the delivery processes. Continuous testing helps to improve the test coverage. The continuous integration and version control system help to reduce the code review and thereby increases the speed.  Continuous delivery and continuous testing are important to gain huge profits in the software industry.

Future of testing

Continuous testing and Continuous delivery are the future of the testing. Join the Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai to get in-depth knowledge into testing. Different types of operating systems, multiple uses of the APIs, blue tooth technology and network interfaces are some of the challenges faced by the testing teams in recent days. The role of the tester is changing with new testing applications and new testing devices which drag the demand for the implementation of continuous testing.

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