Free Phone Calls Online Without Registration in India (For Free)

Ever imagined of calling your friends from an unknown phone number and doing a prank with them, making theirs heart beats go high as the sky. Well, I am sure if you ever think of doing something like this then that means you have a devil mind.

There are numerous websites to do this, but actually, I could not find a lot of good quality sites. Yeah there are sites lack in quality, from the lack of quality, I mean few sites which offer free calls, but then the voice quality becomes a problem, some works but disconnects the call in the middle, while others don’t work at all. So these kind of challenges are annoying and makes us angry.

So you don’t face such issues, we have listed top 4 websites in this post that will allow you to make calls properly without any problem.

Let’s keep everything aside for a second and let’s see how you can make free online phone calls without any signup thing. 

Top 4 Websites to Make Calls Internationally Without Signup


This site is at the top because it deserves it. iEvaphone allows you to call any phone number internationally, and the great thing is that the receiver won’t get the call from International format phone numbers. He will receive the call with the country code he/she lives in. iEvaphone always works I didn’t face any problem till yet. And I am sure that you won’t even. You can make up to 2 calls per day with one IP address or with a maximum time limit of 240 seconds or two calls whichever is earlier.


Funny name right? Don’t worry it won’t joke with you as it could be a do or die situation for you if you don’t make a call to someone. Well, without getting serious let’s talk about how good is Poptox. Poptox is good enough to make let you make calls properly without any issues. Poptox seriously has a good interface and I don’t think you will face any issue or problem while making calls. Sound quality is great, Works 99% of the time (I mean, it worked 100% of the time for me but it could be some exceptional cases it may not work it didn’t happen with me but it could happen after all it is working through a network which can drop anytime).


Globfone works pretty well, at least for me as I am using this for a couple of months now and I didn’t face any problem at this point of time. The great thing about Globfone is that it not only offers free International phone calls but also offers file sharing, video chat, text message services all for free of cost and you don’t need to create any account either.


Interesting name right? The site is as well interesting. It works most of the time, but you may face issues sometimes maybe because of the traffic on the site sometimes. However, they are the rare cases when this site doesn’t let you make calls so don’t worry about that. I think it has all of the countries in the list so hope you don’t face any issue, you can make the call just after you enter the other person’s phone number make sure country code is correct as well. It doesn’t take much time to connect the call, however, if the call doesn’t get connect then cancel it and try again.


So, at the end, I would only say you all to try out these all four sites and let me know in the comments which one is the best. If you face any issue with any of the site listed above let us know in the comments so that others could be aware of it.

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