How to get more discount on Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the India’s largest e-commerce companies worth $15 billion. It has been since 2007 when the founders started an online bookstore and as the time passed, they expanded their business as big as it is today. There is really a great story behind the foundation of Flipkart but we will talk about it some other day, for now, we will see how to get more discounts for products on Flipkart.

First, let me clear you that we are not going to use any unethical or illegal way to get the more discount on your product purchases. We will simply find the offers which can help us save more money, and that is this whole post is about.

So here we go:

How to get more discounts on Flipkart

  1. Wait for a sale

To get a better deal and buy a product for a cheaper price you should always check out the calendar and look out for some famous festivals. Usually, e-commerce stores like Flipkart keep running some high quality offers on festive sessions, which actually a great opportunity for any buyer to get the product at a cheaper rate. Many times you may even get disappointed because even after a sale is going on you don’t see any discount on the product you want to buy it is because they generally discount some particular products or categories and not every product and category. The best festive session offers come at the time of Diwali and at this time every other e-commerce store usually run a sale.

  1. Check out the offers

It is necessary to check the website frequently so that when they offer discounts you can be able to get an idea to buy your preferred products. Especially during the festival time check out the website before a week or a month so that you can have clear idea to know the products details. Even if it possible to order your products in advance, according to the demand of the product. When you keep purchasing with Flipkart you will get coupons, through that coupon ID you will get some discounts when you buy the products.

At a particular time, Flipkart will offer a discount for some products. For e.g nowadays, the demand for Redmi 4A mobile is high, they provide the offer on each Thursdays at 12.00 PM which ends soon, and so the user should be really quick in purchasing the mobile. Likewise, we need to search for a particular product offer time. Also, there is another option to subscribe to get the notifications.

  1. Use Payment mode that gives more discount

When you come to the payment, you will have more options like Credit Card, Debit Card, and Cash on Delivery. It is preferable to choose cash on delivery since you will not have any taxes etc.

The Backend Process

To attract the customer, the developer has to highlight the product by using the catchy quotes and by adding attractive images to reach the customer. The developer should gain more knowledge in order to add more features in the site to enhance their website’s reach.

To maintain all the details of the customer, product etc., Data management is the essential thing. Flipkart is the biggest site, in which managing the data is quite difficult. So that there are implementing many technologies to maintain their database. But Big Data is the excellent technology to maintain the database in an efficient manner.

Even a testing an application is mandatory since a year ago Flipkart has faced Rs. 2000 crore loss due to the technical error on the website, so before launching a website it is necessary to test the application by the experienced software testers.