How to test your Android Mobile Applications

Testing your application during the development phase is more important. Various errors which include software bugs, coding errors and integration errors can be discovered through different methodology. But discovering those errors are quite difficult for the success of the project. A different method includes functional testing, security testing, usability testing, performance testing, recoverability testing and compatibility testing to test your android mobile app in an effective manner. Among different testing tool, selenium is the best automation tool to test any applications. That’s why most of the organization hires software testers who have completed proper Selenium Training from the reputed institute.

  1. Things to consider when you do Functional Testing

Functional Testing involves in testing the functionalities like user interaction and transaction features. Different factors that relevant to this testing are Banking, gaming, social application (based on the business factors), Consumer, education, enterprise application (targeting the audience)

  • Check whether all the required fields are properly working as per the needs
  • Check whether the mandatory fields are displayed on the screen than the non-mandatory fields
  • Check the mobile application is in minimize whenever the user receives the incoming call.
  • Check whether the mobile can process the functionalities, store and receive the SMS in proper time and also use another mobile to check this feature.
  1. Things to consider when you do Performance Testing

It involves in checking the performance of the mobile software in order to satisfy the large number of users without any delay

  • Check whether the application runs properly when it is in various load conditions
  • Check whether the current network can manage the software to support peak, average and minimum user levels.
  • Make sure the current client-server configuration setup provides good performance level
  • Check the mobile application delivers the proper load time as per the requirements.
  • Validate the application performance when the network is changed to WIFI from 2G/3G/4G or vice versa
  1. Things to consider when you do Security Testing

The objective of this testing to ensure the software’s data and security requirements are as per the guidelines.

  • Make sure the application doesn’t allow the attacker to access the sensitive content without proper credentials
  • Check the application is safe from SQL injection related attacks
  • Make sure your application is protected from denial of service attack
  1. Things to consider when you do Usability Testing

The fundamental objective of this testing is to ensure the application as per the customer usage.

  • Make sure your application has proper buttons which support big fingers
  • Check whether the text is simple and it has clear visibility to the users

The above are the major testing functionalities that should take into account when you test your application. Also, it is essential to choose the proper testing tool to ensure all the requirements are satisfied properly. Selenium automation testing is the most suggested tool by the software testers. To know more about selenium testing, take up Software Testing Course in Chennai to have an in-depth knowledge in this automation tool. Selenium Training in Chennai is the best place to gain knowledge in testing the application with a more practical oriented session.