Tips to crack International BPO Interviews

BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing), it is the handling of contracting people from outside organization to do non-core work of the company. It’s not impossible to get a qualified job on International BPO if you are well prepared before the interview. 

The present selection rate in most BPO’s is around 5 to 10%. This results in the business losing 8 out of each 10 individuals who appear for an interview due to the absence of the required level of communication skills.

Any interview requires a fine balance between proper preparation and confidence. If you over-prepare that might bring yourself down to make your interview little difficult. Most of them are attending spoken English classes to fetch a job in an interview even though they are well talented in technical skills. The English language speaks out more than technical in a corporate world.

The English language is the universal language and even it is tagged as the corporate language. To read and write in the English language is not difficult, but it is quite difficult to speak English fluently, it needs a better understanding of the words. Most of the best university is giving an excellent training in the English language since it is going to rule the whole world in future.

In BPO, excellent communication is the most important skills required by the companies. All the questions in the interview are mostly asked to check your level of communication. So, follow the below rules and make yourself fully confident and prepared to face the interview.

Worldwide BPO interview process

  1. Telephonic Meeting
  2. GAT
  3. Group discussion
  4. Computer capability test
  5. Final personal interview

List of International BPO questions are

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Why you need to join BPO
  • Preferable shift
  • Any expectations regarding salary
  • Tell future objectives

Some useful tips

The first thing you need to have a good dictionary.  This will help you know new words and their meanings to make a sentence in English. Make use of all the words in your speech.

Speaking English on a daily basis makes your communication better. The other thing is to correct your mistakes wherever you are wrong

Get inputs from holly wood movie, BBC Channels, reading books and newspaper. So that you can understand the American English language which will help you in your BPO profession.

Don’t hesitate to speak English, let it be wrong. All the perfect starts from imperfect or you can get inputs from Spoken English Classes in Chennai with the experienced trainer from leading training institute.

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